Jun 15, 2020

mmWave THG-Phantom Package for OTA Tests of 5G NR F2 Devices

SPEAG has released the first ever phantom and fixture optimized for OTA testing in compact mmWave chambers. The two-hand-grip phantom package (6 – >110 GHz) simulates gaming or landscape mode use of mobile phones and is suitable for quiet zones of 30 cm or larger.

SPEAG, in close collaboration with the IT'IS Foundation, CTIA, and the manufacturers of 3GPP-compliant compact antenna test ranges (CATR), has developed phantom solutions suited for over-the-air (OTA) testing over a very wide frequency range (6 – >110 GHz), covering all frequencies of 5G New Radio (NR) Frequency Range 2 (FR2) and beyond. The first solution, designed to simulate the usage of mobile devices in gaming mode, includes:

  • The mmWave two-hand grip-phantom package (mmW-THG-V6 package):
    • this two-hand-grip phantom has an extended cut in the hand to accurately position the device-under-test to provide a more realistic contact area between the hand and the phone, as requested by the CTIA “Near-Field Phantom” working subgroup
    • the phantom material is fully compliant with the dielectric target values defined by CTIA for hand phantoms in the 3 ‒ 6 GHz frequency range
    • the phantom has been coated with the new low-loss material that is less fragile and mimics the matching effects of the outer skin, i.e., it extends the maximum frequency to greater than 110 GHz without having an impact on the OTA performance at frequencies >10 GHz
    • the phantom wrists are made of low-loss high density foam (Rohacell) to minimize absorption and reflections and feature a simple click mechanism for easy connection of hands and wrists
  • A fixture composed of a minimal amount of material that matches the chamber turntables on which the wrists are mounted.

In this video, we introduce the new mmW-THG-V6 package and illustrate how easy it is to assemble for testing mobile devices.

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