Dec 10, 2020

DAK-TL2 – New Technology Inside Our Dielectric Measurement System for Thin Layers

Breakthrough in computational electromagnetics by the IT’IS Foundation leads to SPEAG’s second-generation device for dielectric characterization of samples with limited size or volume.

SPEAG has released DAK-TL2, at the heart of which is a novel high-performance solver that is so powerful that it can directly determine the dielectric parameters from measured S11 values in quasi real-time – instead of using precomputed lookup tables. This makes the system not only more precise but also more flexible. The new solver also allows the elimination of secondary artifacts posed by flange resonances. The turnkey dielectric measurement solution is fully automated to measure the dielectric parameters of thin layers of solids and of small volumes of liquids or biological samples over the broad frequency range of between 4 MHz and 67 GHz.

DAK-TL2 is another successful result of the joint R&D effort of SPEAG and the IT’IS Foundation and contains a range of exciting new technological achievements:

  • a novel, fast computational direct solver, which reduces the overall measurement uncertainties
  • a multilayer algorithm compensating for the submicrometer air gaps that form between the measurement sample under test and the probe, resulting in enhanced measurement accuracy
  • a well-characterized lossy platform used to minimize the unwanted flange resonance effect for high permittivity and low-loss thin-layer samples (0.1 – 10 mm thickness)
  • an alignment mechanism to optimize the sample-probe contact for calibration and measurement
  • improved software for real-time material characterization measurement

Please note that DAK-TL has been discontinued since August 2020 and is succeeded by DAK-TL2. The DAK-TL2 upgrade is available for all original DAK-TL base units.

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