Jan 29, 2019

Great Interest in Joint SPEAG / Vitec Exhibition and Workshop at Automotive World 2019 in Tokyo

SPEAG, together with our Japanese distribution partner VITEC Global Electronics Co., Ltd. exhibited at the Automotive World Conference in Tokyo, Japan, January 16–18, 2019. The conference is recognized as the main event where exhibitors from all over the world can promote their automotive technology innovations to automotive managers and engineers from Japan and the rest of Asia. Each year, Automotive World attracts a large number of carmakers searching for solutions to address the automotive industry's latest challenges related to e.g., automotive electronics, connected cars (5G, IoT), electric vehicles, and autonomous driving.

SPEAG’s and VITEC’s exhibition booth featured a wide range of novel measurement tools and simulation software that allow reliable testing of devices to meet the technical and regulatory challenges imposed by key emerging technologies in the automotive industry, e.g., millimeter wave communications systems (5G), wireless power transfer (WPT), and compliance assessment at low frequencies. During the three-day show, international customers had the opportunity to directly meet with our experts face-to-face, to provide feedback, and to discuss their applications, problems, and future needs.

In addition, a dedicated workshop was organized to showcase SPEAG’s latest innovations and product updates, which was attended by more than 60 engineers and scientists from leading companies and universities from Japan and the wider Asia-Pacific area. Participants witnessed product demos of the newly released Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy), a fully IEC compatible system for assessment of WPT exposure, as well as of SPEAG’s new 5G-ready system for measuring power density at millimeter wave frequencies. In another presentation SPEAG introduced the latest EM Phantoms - including POPEYE-V10, now available with a face featuring exchangeable eyeballs - for over-the-air (OTA) testing of body-worn devices. Additional highlights were live demos of the soon-to-be-released SEMCAD X Matterhorn V18, which includes not only a unique 5G toolkit with astonishing computational accelerations but also a new unstructured LF solver to offer improved competitive advantage for simulations of WPT and other low-frequency applications.

SPEAG sincerely thanks all workshop participants, as well as our customers who attended the exhibition and/or workshop for their interest and the fruitful discussions. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next Automotive World Exhibition in Tokyo in 2020!

Tokyo BigSight

Tokyo’s “Big Sight” exhibition complex, hosting the 2019 Automotive World show and roughly 40,000 visitors.

Exhibition Booth

Live demos of SPEAG products incl. a world premiere – MAGPy – within the joint SPEAG/VITEC booth at the exhibition.

Workshop, Opening

VITEC’s Hiroshi Ishikawa getting ready to do the opening of the SPEAG workshop.


Rich audience of experts from industry and academia attending the SPEAG workshop at Automotive World 2019.

Workshop, MAGPY

Dr. Sven Kühn, introducing the new MAGPy probe and doing a live demo – a revolutionary world premiere.


SPEAG’s team of experts representing us at the 2019 Automotive World: Prof. Niels Kuster, Dr. Nik Chavannes, Dr. Sven Kühn and Dr. Sylvain Reboux.