SPEAG was founded in December 1994 as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) by Niels Kuster, Thomas Schmid, Kurt Schmid, Martin Schmid, Oliver Egger, and Klaus Meier with the main objective to further develop and commercialize the Dosimetric Assessment SYstem (DASY), the first electromagnetic near-field scanner optimized for testing the compliance of mobile communications devices with safety limits. The 3rd generation scanner DASY3 was introduced in 1998. DASY4 was launched in 2002 to enable companies to conduct early testing according to the IEEE 1528 standard, which was officially released in 2003. Our commitment to be a very early adopter of all new developments and provide these features to our customers well ahead of any official standard releases resulted in the development of DASY5 (2007) and DASY52 (2010), the latter of which is fully compatible with the standards released in 2010 and 2011. 

In December 2000, SPEAG released the Simulation Platform for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility, Antenna Design and Dosimetry (SEMCAD), a novel and powerful TCAD tool for the analysis, design, and optimization of antennas embedded in complex environments. SPEAG thus became the only provider of a complete set of experimental and numerical analysis tools. SEMCAD V2.0 was released in early 2003. Since DASY4, all our DASY systems are based on the same postprocessor used in SEMCAD X, and the combination of the two products became a unique R&D tool for enabling cross-validation in the mobile industry.

In the fall of 1999, SPEAG became one of the founders of the IT'IS Foundation, and has remained a major annual sponsor of this research institute. Strong links with leading research institutions enable SPEAG to maintain its pacemaker status within this very competitive market.

In 2001, the Executive Board of SPEAG consisting of Niels Kuster, Katja Poković, Henrich Kisker and Jacqueline Pieper founded NF Technology Holding AG (NFT), which bought 100% of the shares from SPEAG's founders. Later Fin Bomholt joint as shareholders of NFT.

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st millennium, it became obvious that SPEAG needs to provide services closer to its customers, therefore service partners were co-founded in Korea (2011) and India (2012).

During the last years, we have continuously expanded our global sales and support channels.