Oct 18, 2010

SEMCAD X V14.4.0 Aletsch

Release of SEMCAD X V14.4.0 Aletsch

The SEMCAD X Team is pleased to announce the release of SEMCAD X V14.4.0 Aletsch, a major upgrade offering a range of powerful new Solutions, Modules and features, more robust handling as well as new customization options. Particular highlights incorporate the support for NVIDIA's latest Fermi architecture as well as the new MRI Solution containing MUSAIK.

A taste of some of the new features include:



  • Simulate larger problems, faster, with the new Acceleware libraries supporting the latest NVIDIA Fermi hardware
  • Profit from an automatic performance increase for simulations on existing and upcoming Tesla hardware




  • The new MRI Solution provides a unique software platform for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coil design
  • The full integration of MUSAIK provides an advanced platform for analysis, prediction and simulation of array elements; optimizes MRI  coil designs, and verifies the performance of existing coils



  • Integration of a Python interpreter allows User Defined Signals to be specified by equations
  • Enhancement of source signal definitions
  • Improved handling of ProEngineer and voxel importers
  • DASY SAR/HAC phantom CAD models are now available!
  • Updates to Poser and models


  • Dispersive materials can now be simulated using full acceleration capabilities of any system
  • Simulation auto-stop thresholds can be defined at a global level
  • Thermal solver has been expanded (addition of an Info Sensor, Body Core Temperature, Python interface update)
  • Point Sensor now offers normalization


  • Enhancements in Average SAR evaluator
  • Added numerous new Matlab exports
  • Integrated the new atlas coordinates for the Talairach tool
  • Numerous enhancements have been done to the Multiport tool
  • The worst case SAR can now be determined for transmitter arrays




The full release notes can be viewed online on our website.

All customers with up-to-date yearly hotline and support contracts should have already received a new license file. If you would like to test any of the new features that are currently not in your license, please let us know and we would be happy to offer you a trial.

The relevant installers can also be downloaded and installed from:

You will find extensive documentation and new tutorial examples that highlight the new features. Should you have any further questions related to this release please don't hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,



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