Feb 24, 2010

Release of SEMCAD X Aletsch V14.2

Release of SEMCAD X Aletsch V14.2

The SEMCAD X Team is pleased to announce the release of SEMCAD X V14.2 Aletsch, a major upgrade incorporating six months of intense development work. This release offers a range of powerful new features, more robust handling as well as new customization options.


The relevant SEMCAD X for Win XP/ Win 7 and 32/64bit platforms can be downloaded here.
The corresponding Acceleware and NVIDIA drivers are now bundled with the relevant SEMCAD installer.
It is recommended that all customers using floating licenses or running hardware acceleration should use the latest LMtools version, which can be found in the SEMCAD X\flexlm\  folder.


Summary of New Features & Technologies:


  • Windows 7 compatible
  • New Acceleware CUDA-based libraries offering massive computational performance (speed and memory) benefits
  • New Acceleware features, e.g.,  GPU options (Favor Fasters/Favor Fewest)
  • Major plugin and package updates: ACIS R20, Boost, Python, etc.


  • New OTA Solution, posable CTIA hand phantoms


  • Completely redesigned multi-goal optimization platform supporting network distributed computation
  • New and intuitive user-friendly optimizer GUI


  • Total customization of the SEMCAD X environment: dockable or floating windows, user-defined shortcut keys and custom toolbars, etc.
  • Enhanced Script Editing window with multiple script tabbing functionality


  • Parameterized P-loop for antenna and surface coil loop modeling
  • Improved import of Gerber/DXF/ODB++ CAD files
  • 64 bit ODB++, DXF, Gerber support for large datasets
  • Updated and improved Poser and models


  • Enhanced Geometric mode, improved Simulation Time estimation and new Grid History


  • Improved reliability for automatic steady-state convergence detection
  • Point Sensor for recording E- and H-field vector components at specific points


  • Full multithreaded postprocessing engine for faster and parallel result extraction
  • Additional CTIA over-the-air standardized parameters: UHRP and PGRP
  • New postprocessing options including stored energy Ws, field based Q-factor, B1+ and B1–
  • Direct export of 2D and 3D data to MATLAB
  • Improved SAR interface

SParameter and Mutliport Analysis

  • Easy S-, Z- and Y-scattering parameter evaluation with the Multiport Setup and Analysis tools
  • Touchstone importer to compare measurement and simulation results


  • Models saved in V14.2 can not be loaded in previous version, but can be exported in a compatible .SAT version
  • Grids generated in V14.0, which use Geometric mode, may differ slightly with V14.2


  • Updated Manual and Tutorial documents
  • New Tutorial examples

The complete release notes, including bug fixes and known issues, can be viewed at Release Notes V14.2.

Exhibitions & Events 2010:

SPEAG will be exhibiting at the following conferences and exhibitions this year. If you would like to arrange a demo or meeting, or are interested in attending a technical workshop, please send an email to
University Polytechnic of Madrid - Madrid 2nd March Public Technical Workshop
APEMC - Beijing, 12-16 April
EuCAP - Barcelona, 12-16 April (technical workshop)
ISMRM - Stockholm, 1-6 May (technical workshop)
MTT/IMS - Anaheim, 24-27 May
APS/URSI - Toronto, 12-16 July (technical workshop)
IEEE EMC - Florida, 26-30 July
EuMW - Paris, 27-30 September (technical workshop)
RSNA - 28 November - 2 December
In addition, public workshops will be held in the USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Please contact local representatives or for more detailed information.
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