Release of SEMCAD X Aletsch V14.0

Release of SEMCAD X Aletsch V14.0

Encapsulating solution oriented technologies combined with the latest Acceleware Batuco drivers, SEMCAD X V14.0 Aletsch defines a new standard in high performance EM and Thermal simulation.

Some of the new features include:



Further streamlining and reworking brings you an all new user experience which is SEMCAD V14.0 Aletsch.

  • Cleanup, unification, handing and modularization
  • New Material Database functionality
  • Multiview and Perspective viewing modes, gradient backgrounds
  • Tilted sources, sensors and lumped elements
  • Drag-and-Drop part/group support
  • New remote solver and network tools
  • and more



ODB++ is an industry standard hierarchal PCB layout format, developed by Valor. Translation from Cadence and Mentor Graphic formats is easily achieved

  • layer thickness and stackup control
  • region only /clipping  for partial import
  • generate net list




An all new optimization platform brings you greater optimization capabilities, but much easier to use.

  • fully integrated (new tab), intuitive, fast and clean
  • new optimization goals (e.g. near-field)
  • true distributed/parallel optimization capabilities
  • networking tool integration




Aletsch provides a novel suite of SOLUTIONS which are tailored to solve any of today's engineering challenges:

  • ANTENNA: transceivers, remote sensing, human interaction
  • uWAVE: RF circuits, interconnects, filters, packaging
  • EMC: signal integrity, interference, ESD
  • OPTICS: non-/linear photonic crystals, switches, modulators
  • ELF: static, low & intermittent frequencies, motors, transformers, human interaction
  • MED: implants, MRI systems, coil design, compliance, EM-thermal analysis




Integration of the latest Acceleware drivers with extended functionality and improved performance

  • support for new Tesla series NVIDIA GPU hardware (A40, D40 and Q40)
  • new cluster solutions: C-Type cluster capable
  • new Acceleware features and licensing



The full release note can be viewed online at Release Notes V14.0.

Please note:
This version of SEMCAD requires a new license, during the next 1-2 weeks all customers who have up-to-date hotline and support contracts will receive a new permanent license for SEMCAD V14.0 Aletsch.

If you are using hardware acceleration please also update your Acceleware drivers to Batuco.

You will find extensive documentation and new tutorial examples to help you become more familiar with the new features. Should you have any further questions related to installing the new version or using the new features please dont hesitate to get back to us.

Kind regards,



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