Apr 28, 2022

Time-Averaged SAR Testing without Special Tools

SPEAG worked closely with chip manufacturers and regulators to provide a solution for testing devices with DASY8/6 that feature dynamic power control – exposure time averaging (DPC-ETA) algorithms without manufacturer tools.

Efficient demonstration of compliance with exposure limits typically requires special tools provided by the manufacturer to set up the devices in specific test configurations. However, government agencies tasked with market surveillance are expected to test mobile phones purchased on the market without manufacturer intervention. At the same time, phones are becoming smarter and smarter, offering algorithms to control exposure while ensuring the best connectivity.

One of these features is the so-called dynamic power control and exposure time-averaging algorithm (DPC-ETA), which ensures that the time-averaged specific absorption rate (TAS) values are not exceeded, even if exposure is larger over a short period of time.

Together with chip manufacturers and regulators, SPEAG has developed a method to evaluate DPC-ETA-enabled phones with DASY8/6. The procedure is described in a new application note along with an example.

A user video that follows the instructions in the application note shows how easy yet accurate TAS evaluations are.

The new application note is downloadable for our DASY users here

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