TDS SNI, a New Line of EMC Sniffing Probes

SPEAG Releases TDS SNI, a New Line of EMC Sniffing Probes

SPEAG is excited to announce the release of the latest addition to our TDS product family – the TDS SNI probe. With TDS SNI, SPEAG pioneers the use of photonics for accurate and traceable RF measurements in EMC/EMI sniffing applications, bringing the functionality of a benchtop spectrum analyzer to the tip of miniature electrically isolated electric and magnetic field probes.

  • Active Photonic TDS Technology: With our active photonic TDS sensor technology, TDS SNI is the first fully RF-EM-transparent EMI/EMC near-field probe technology world-wide for absolute measurement of emissions from your DUT without field distortion and with full vector and phase information.
  • Handheld: TDS SNI probes come in a small pen-size format, ideally suited for EMC sniffing and troubleshooting.
  • Ultra-Wideband: The TDS SNI probes offer a unique extended frequency range of 10 MHz – 10 GHz.
  • High-Resolution: TDS SNI probes offer mm-resolution allowing accurate isolation of interference sources.
  • Highly Sensitive, High Dynamic Range: TDS SNI probes are capable of accurate measurements of signals ranging from as low as the environmental GPS to as high as wireless charging applications.
  • Traceable Calibration: TDS SNI probes are the first EMC/EMI near-field sniffing probes to deliver traceable measurement results calibrated in our ISO 17025 certified laboratory, for full interlaboratory comparability and total trust in your and your suppliers’ measurement results.

Our novel TDS SNI EMC near-field sniffing system in typical usage for signal integrity sniffing with an E-field TDS SNI probe.



These features make SPEAG’s TDS SNI EMI/EMC near-field sniffing probes ideal for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Signal Integrity measurements for modern communication systems such as LTE, WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth (802.15.1), ZigBee (802.15.4), UWB (802.15.3), WiMAX (802.16), etc.
  • EMC/EMI/ESD near-field quantitative measurements and pre-compliance tests for EMC compliance supporting certification according to IEC 60601, EN 55011, CISPR 25, ISO 11452, etc.
  • Interference and crosstalk evaluation in highly integrated, high-speed electronic devices and components
  • RF electric and magnetic field measurements in EM-harsh environments such as MRI, EMP sites etc.
  • Measurement of the full complex-valued vector field in the very close near-field of radiators


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