Oct 17, 2017

System Check and Validation Sources for 5G Now Available from 10 – 110 GHz

After the successful launch of our 5G Solutions, SPEAG is pleased to announce the release of verification and validation sources for frequencies from 10 – 110 GHz. The sources are compliant with the proposal of the ad hoc working group 10 of the IEC TC106 standardization committee (AHG10) and also in line with the quality assurance (QA) requirements posed by the regulators.

The system check sources at 30, 60 and 90 GHz comprise horn-antennas and very stable signal generators. The 10 GHz horn antenna has a SMA connector and can be connected to any signal generator. All sources are ISO 17025 calibrated and ready for immediate use.

In addition, a set of reference sources consisting of a cavity-fed dipole array and pyramidal horn loaded with a slot array has been released. They enable the manufacturers of the measurement system to perform an in-depth evaluation and system validation covering typical 5G frequencies and power levels. The target values are also provided in the latest draft of the AHG10 technical report.

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