Aug 29, 2019

Specific Ankle Phantom for Dosimetric Evaluations

SPEAG has released the Ankle Phantom, the latest addition to our specific phantom product line. The phantom is designed to carefully – but not over-conservatively – demonstrate compliance with specific absorption rate (SAR) regulatory requirements of devices, such as tracking devices, that operate at the ankle or on the lower leg.

The inside shape of the phantom shell corresponds to that of the generic ankle as defined by the Cellular Telecom Industry Association (CTIA) for over-the-air measurements. The new phantom is filled with broad-band tissue simulating liquid and is fully integrated in cDASY6 such that the automated measurements meet all requirements of the IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 standard.

The straightforward installation and usage of the phantom is demonstrated in this video:

The SPEAG family of specific phantoms together with DASY6 a unique solution for demonstrating SAR compliance of wearable devices. Please note that any additional customized phantoms can be developed on request.

For more information about SPEAG's specific phantoms, please contact us at