Nov 15, 2014

Special Discount for iSAR to cSAR3D

Discount for iSAR Upgrade to cSAR3D

We are proud that cSAR3D is a great step forward in fast SAR evaluation, and we are now offering an attractive discount for upgrade of iSAR to cSAR3D.

iSAR, developed 10 years ago, was the first array scanner and well ahead of its time. iSAR was designed for quality assurance testing and offers excellent reproducibility and interlaboratory repeatability. In recent years, we achieved a breakthrough in sensor technology and novel field reconstruction algorithms, allowing us to develop cSAR3D, the next generation fast SAR measurement system. cSAR3D started shipping in Q1 2014 and has been met with very high customer demand.

In view of our customers' advancing needs for fast SAR compliance testing, we are offering an attractive discount for the upgrade of iSAR to cSAR3D. The discount applies to the trade-in of each iSAR phantom for any cSAR3D phantom. Purchase of additional cSAR3D phantoms will be offered at the list price. The offer is valid from now until December 31, 2015. 

For more information, please contact your local SPEAG distributor or contact SPEAG directly at We hope that you are delighted about this generous offer to upgrade your iSAR to the latest and most superior technology available for SAR compliance and Q&A testing.

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