Oct 23, 2015

Review of Fast SAR in Microwave RF Technology China

DASY6 and cSAR3D Featured in Microwave and Radiofrequency Technology China

The widely-read Chinese journal Microwave and Radiofrequency Technology has published an article about recent developments in SAR measurement and standardization. The English language version of the paper can be downloaded from our website. The article features DASY6 and cSAR3D as innovative systems that dramatically increase the speed of SAR evaluation of wireless transmitters such as smart phones and tablets. Such systems are driving the development of international standards and national regulations. Their development is now underway, enabling faster SAR evaluation while ensuring excellent inter-laboratory reproducibility, low measurement uncertainty and conservative evaluation of exposure. The journal includes new results from a validation study of cSAR3D, showing excellent comparison with reference SAR data.

The cutting-edge technology enabling precise and high-speed SAR measurement benefits the wireless device industry, whose testing needs have increased with the growing capability and versatility of mobile phones and other wireless transmitters. It also benefits regulatory agencies and the general public who need high confidence that exposure of people to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields has been conservatively and comprehensively evaluated. 

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