Jun 12, 2018

Release of New OTA Phantom Series for 5G and IoT

Shaping the future of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT): after more than two years of intense research and development, SPEAG is proud to announce the release of our new hand phantom series SHO3TO110, which mimics the absorption and reflection properties of the human skin for exposure at frequencies from 3 GHz up to over 100 GHz! The new phantoms are as easy to use and are even more robusst than SPEAG’s well-known SHO phantoms for frequencies below 3 GHz, and are even more robust.

SPEAG's hand phantom series SHO3TO110 for over-the-air performance testing now covers the entire wireless frequency range from below 10 MHz to over 100 GHz

The key feature of the SHO3TO110 phantoms is a unique coating that was developed in light of a detailed study of human skin properties [Christ et al, submitted]. In the study, the absorptions and reflections for all potential variations of the skin layers were computed as a function of frequency. The coating was developed to accurately simulate the average matching effects of the skin ‒hence, it approximates the radiofrequency properties of the stratum cornea (i.e., the most outer protective layer of the human skin) that dominates the matching effects at the mm-wave frequencies. The study was performed in close collaboration with our research partner, the IT'IS Foundation.

The new SHO3TO110 phantom series is in line with the latest research that formed the basis for the draft exposure standards which were discussed last week at the IEC TC106 Meeting in Paris.

A multi-functional POPEYE10 phantom for the entire frequency range from below 10 MHz to over 100 GHz will be released soon.

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