Apr 20, 2015

PXI TDS Remote Unit

SPEAG Releases TDS PXI Remote Unit

SPEAG is proud to announce the launch of another member in our TDS product lineup – the PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) version of the TDS Remote Unit. With this new product SPEAG brings accurate and traceable RF measurements powered by micro-photonic technologies to modular instrumentation.

The increasing demand for complex modular instrumentation systems inspired SPEAG to develop a PXI version of the standard TDS Remote Unit that delivers the full functionality of the existing remote units in a modular PXI instrument format. The PXI format enables the ultimate customization of high performance multi-vendor measurement and automation systems, allowing, for example, the integration of the TDS SNI and RFoF1P systems with vector signal and network analyzers, digitizers, and other receivers, or RFoF1P systems with a GPS timing unit in a single PXI chassis. The resulting flexibility allows the TDS systems to be combined with a very wide variety of third-party instruments. TDS PXI Remote Units are compatible with all probes from the TDS product line.

TDS PXI Remote Unit


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