Jun 26, 2018

POPEYE-V10: Just Like a Human but Stronger and Consistent

Now, in the age of the Internet of things (IoT), we are seeing the tip of the iceberg of the wide variety of body-mounted devices that will soon be communicating in the nearest vicinity to the human body with other body-mounted devices or remote servers. To be able to evaluate, optimize, and document that these devices meet the requirements for over-the-air performance, an accurate and reproducible reference human body is a key tool. In response to market feedback, SPEAG has released Version 10 of the POsable Phantom for Electromagnetic sYstems Evaluations (POPEYE10), our latest posable whole-body phantom that can be used to physically simulate the electromagnetic load and reflections of the human body over the entire frequency range used for wireless communication technologies.

POPEYE10 offers the following key features:

  • Easily posable, able to mimic the entire range of device usage
  • Broad frequency range, from below 10 MHz to above 100 GHz
  • Uniform material with realistic losses for body-mounted devices and no shell artifacts
  • Detailed and representative anatomy
  • Flat regions at key locations such as shirt pockets, trousers pockets, and arm bands
  • Anatomical details for testing smart devices, including hearing aids, glasses, and contact lenses
  • Stable positioning and easy transport with a dedicated low-loss stand

POPEYE10 is available in both whole and partial body configurations, and the individual parts can be easily assembled in a modular fashion.


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