Mar 14, 2017

New OTA Phantom Optimized for Testing Head-Mounted Wearables

For Accurate And Repeatable OTA Testing Of Your Smart Headsets

SPEAG’s new OTA phantom SAM V4.6BSE provides maximum flexibility for testing devices mounted to the head. SAM-V4.6BSE is the latest of our high-precision SAM head phantoms and is optimized for testing hearing aids, wireless headsets, helmets, or smart glasses in a broad frequency range (0.3-3 GHz or 3-6 GHz).

Featuring an anatomical lossy ear with human skin properties, SAM-V4.6BSE provides realistic OTA results for ear-worn antennas including those mounted in contact with the skin or inside the ear canal. As for all of SPEAG’s SAM head phantoms, SAM-V4.6BSE meets all the relevant CTIA requirements for geometry and material properties.


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