Oct 8, 2019

OH4VNA: Accurate and Reliable S11 Parameter Measurements of Mobile Device Antennas

Watch our latest video to learn how to accurately and reliably measure the reflection coefficient (S11) of electrically small antennas with SPEAG’s OH4VNA system

Until now, the exact measurement of a mobile device antenna has been a trial and error process due to the use of coaxial cables changing the antenna impedance and the overall electrical size of the device. With OH4VNA, we present a new solution in which the traditional coaxial radiofrequency measurement cable is replaced by a non-disturbing fiber-optic system requiring no external power. The main application of OH4VNA is return-loss-characterization of electrically small antennas in mobile, hand-held, body-worn, or implanted devices.

Beyhan Kochali and Dr. Sven Kühn discussing the advantages of OH4VNA in the new video.

Check out the video and let us know if you have any feedback or are interested in learning more about the OH4VNA, or visit our OH4VNA product page for further information.