Aug 7, 2018

New Software Release DAK Version

SPEAG released the latest DAK Software build This maintenance release offers several new features that enhance the accuracy and repeatability of measurements with DAK, DAKS, and DAK-TL. The most important features are:

  • Updated solver algorithm
  • User Interface Control to enable/disable electrode polarization at frequencies below 100 MHz
  • Extra button to show the state of VISA connection
  • Flashy O-S-L buttons during the calibration process, to signal successful acquisition of the relevant trace
  • Support for new vector network analyzers (VNAs) such as R&S ZNLE and Agilent PNA lines

The release also includes several bug fixes to enhance the user experience. The new software, together with the revised and updated Professional Handbook, is available for download to all customers at

The updated list of supported VNAs is provided here.

To receive a quotation or for further information, please contact us at


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