Jul 16, 2010

New Product: MEM (Membran) Phantom

Preliminary Release: MEM Phantom

The new MEM(Membran) Phantom was desgined and optimized for compliance testing of wireless devices and other electromagnetic emmitting devices that may be partially surrounded by tissue or in direct contact with skin, e.g., wireless hands-free kits, hearing aids, skin mounted devices, inductive activators, etc.  

A cable feedthrough allows the testing of SAR of body-worn devices being connected to a RF source by a conductor, e.g., wired hands-free kits, body worn read-out devices and tags. MEM allows the device under test to be placed on a platform, and a latex membrane covering the DUT conforms to it once a vacuum is applied. The reservoir on top of the membrane is then filled with tissue simulating liquid and 3-D scans around the DUT are performed based on its CAD data. MEM is compatible with most SPEAG tissue simulating liquids. The MEM phantom is compatible with all SPEAG dosimetric probes. The MEM phantom is delivered ready for use with a vacuum pump, pressure meter and membrane.

The phantom had been developed together with the IT'IS Foundation for evaluations mandated by several government agencies (see publication: "Assessment of the radio-frequency electromagnetic fields induced in the human body from mobile phones used with hands-free kits" by Sven Kühn et al.)

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