New API for MAGPy V1.0

Simple and powerful: The new application programming interface of MAGPy V1.0 allows the programming and easy integration in customer-specific applications in complex environments.

With the new application programming interface (API) of SPEAG’s Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy) V1.0, only a few lines of codes are required to enable:

  • complex scanning with a robot, e.g., below a car or inside the car  
  • remote or long-term monitoring of field levels
  • monitoring in high field strength or hazardous environments
  • applications where the field is to be measured at several peak frequencies under automated control

The MAGPy-API is available in the MAGPy 1.0 Desktop application from version 1.0.36.

Further information about MAGPy V1.0 can be found here.

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