Feb 26, 2010

ISO 17025 Calibration of Dielectric Probes (OCP) now available

ISO 17025 Calibration of Delectric Probes (OCP) now available

Our calibration laboratory has successfully established the capability for calibration of open-ended coaxial probes (OCP). Consequently, SPEAG was granted the accreditation according to ISO 17025 to conduct traceable calibration of OCP probes in a frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz by the Swiss Accreditation Service METAS, signatory to the EA Multilateral Agreement for the recognition of calibration certificates. Please visit our Services web-site for more details:

OCP (e.g. Agilent 85070 family) are widely used for measuring permittivity and conductivity of tissue simulating liquids and materials for SAR. Especially the conductivity is critical for obtaining correct results within required measurement uncertainty. With this calibration, the performance of OCP and its accessories for the liquid and lossy material measurement over a large RF range can now be verified. Frequency range and material parameter range influences the measurement uncertainty. Modular calibration modules allow to obtain the optimum calibration as required for a specific laboratory. The following packages are available:

* SAR liquids package (20 MHz - 6 GHz)
* MRI liquids package (20 MHz - 300 MHz)
* Semi-solid/Solid package (300 MHz - 3 GHz)

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