Aug 24, 2010

iSAR² V2.2 Software Release

iSAR² V2.2 Software Release

We are pleased to announce a new iSAR² software release. Version 2.2 is enhanced with new features that improve usability and give you greater power and flexibility.


New graphical user interface of iSAR V2.2 showing the new message bar and status bar indicator at the bottom of the screen.  The message bar can be adjusted in height or hidden from view.


The new software features include:

  • Remote programming: Remote control of the iSAR² without the GUI is possible using customer specific programs (e.g., Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, National Instruments LabView, Agilent VEEPro).
  • Measurement time and status indicator: the measurement status is displayed at the bottom of the screen, including the display of the measurement acquisition time. Measurement times of less than 2 seconds are typical with the default settings.
  • Message bar display: a message bar is integrated into the GUI which gives lots of helpful information about the measurement system, including messages and warning indicators of the system status.
  • Windows 7 compatibility and 64-bit support: the iSAR² software is compatible with Windows XP and now Windows 7 operating systems in 32-bit and now 64-bit versions.
  • Automatic installation of calibration files: calibration files no longer need to be manually moved to the iSAR² calibration folder. The software automatically checks if the Calibrations directory is empty and prompts for the location of the calibration files.
  • Autosave and Logging configuration: Automatic saving of iSAR² measurements to .isar files and automatic logging of summary information to Excel (.csv) files is now separately selectable.
  • Improved channel / frequency selection: selection of transmit channels either by channel or frequency has been extended to more communication systems. In addition, the center channel has been set as the default channel.

The iSAR² V2.2 software can be downloaded at: