Jun 20, 2011

iSAR Quad Release

iSAR Quad Release

iSAR Quad, the newest member of the iSAR product line, is officially released.  It is the largest and highest-resolution iSAR available. iSAR Quad is capable of scanning a 562 mm x 386 mm planar area, making it well suited for scanning laptops, tablet computers and other large devices. It is also capable of 1 mm resolution scan resolution, using novel algorithms. The sensors are conformal to the top surface and embedded in an absorbing material simulating head or body tissue. It also improves the precision for SAR evaluations of devices operating above 3 GHz.


Top view of the iSAR Quad, measuring the SAR pattern from a wireless LAN antenna on a laptop.


iSAR Quad has two modes of operation (see figure below). In single scan operation, iSAR Quad performs a single measurement, typically in less than one second using a 15 mm scan resolution in the same way as iSAR Flat operation.

In full scan operation, the 256-element sensor array is moved under the device, over the full scanning area.  Movement is continuous and the SAR distribution is constructed with 1 mm resolution. A total scanning time under one minute is possible, depending on the user settings.


iSAR measurement panel, showing a full scan (left) and a single scan (right) on the iSAR Quad.


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