Nov 26, 2010

iSAR Discounts & Packages

New iSAR Discounts and Packages

Due to the popularity of our iSAR systems and the expanding choices of accessories and calibrations, SPEAG is announcing new discounts and special calibration packages for iSAR².  We are now able to provide new discounts on our iSAR hardware (iSAR Flat, iSAR Head and iSAR Quad).  Further discounts are also provided for purchases of multiple systems as a package. One discount package is for the popular iSAR Flat and iSAR Head combination.  Our popular new accessories (CRANE and Golden Validation Device) are also included in discount packages.

Bundled calibration options are also available. Our offers include a standard iSAR calibration package with all of the most commonly ordered modulations and frequency bands.  The standard iSAR calibration package represents a significant cost saving over the previous prices.  To maintain flexibility, additional calibration packages are also available.  These packages cover commonly used modulations, such as GSM, EDGE, WCDMA and LTE. Recently, the portfolio of iSAR calibration options has greatly expanded.  Over 200 calibration modes (communication systems and frequency bands) are now available for iSAR.  Please see our communication systems support page for more information.

The new discounts also extend to iSAR Rental Agreements and iSAR Support Agreements.  Please contact us if you are interested in renting an iSAR or if you would like support and maintenance service (including annual calibration) for your iSARs.

Finally, we are pleased to include a special arrangement for combination SEMCAD X ANTENNA and iSAR² packages.  SEMCAD X ANTENNA is the full-wave FDTD solution addressing all radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves.  Antennas and large radiating structures can be designed and optimized using an intuitive design flow in a very efficient and fast way.

Soon we will be announcing new iSAR features and applications that further improve measurement resolution and speed, and extend iSAR capabilities.  iSAR is an effective tool for test reduction, antenna development, rapid evaluation of wireless prototype design changes, quality assurance and production line testing.

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