Improved Broad-Band Liquids

Greatly Improved Broad Band Liquids for the 3500 - 5800 MHz Bands

SPEAG continues to refine its tissue simulating material products for improved accuracy, stability and easy-to-use and maintain. After several months of optimization, we are now ready to release the new broad-band liquids (Version 5) for head and body tissue simulating liquids that replaces our current products. They are both within ±5% compared to the target values, provide a strongly improved long-time stability and reduce the effort for handling and maintenance. As a consequence, our customers will experience lower costs and increased repeatability.

The following new generation liquids have been released:

  • HBBL3500-5800V5: Head Simulating Liquid covering 3500-5800 MHz
  • MBBL3500-5800V5: Body Simulating Liquid covering 3500-5800 MHz

Please visit our Tissue Simulating Liquids (TSL) webpage for more information and feel free to contact us at

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