Mar 15, 2011

Golden Validation Device

Golden Validation Device Release

SPEAG is pleased to announce the release of the Golden Validation Device. We have responded to your requests by providing a very stable, reliable and easy-to-use reference source for SAR and OTA measurements that is fully calibrated and characterized including an uncertainty budget. Unlike a mobile phone, it does not require connection to a network or special commands to operate. The Golden Validation Device is a stand-alone source, so unlike a reference antenna, it does not require an external source and a cable.

The antenna of the Golden Validation Device is well-matched under different loading conditions so that it provides a reliable output. For iSAR measurements, the device is specially designed to check sensor performance. The combined use of pulsed and continuous transmission modes enables a comprehensive verification of the sensors. Low permittivity foam spacers are used for accurate positioning of the Golden Validation Device on the iSAR Head and iSAR Flat.

The Golden Validation Device is provided with a calibration certificate. Calibration is performed according to high quality SPEAG standards. A fully validated simulation model (SEMCAD X format) will soon be available on special request.


Golden Validation Device.


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