Feb 5, 2010

EASY4 V4.6 New release

EASY4 V4.6 New Release

We are pleased to announce a new EASY4 software release, version 4.6 build 10. This release extends the usage to fields with large peak-to-average (PAR) ratios by adaption to the improved probe modulation signal calibration and also includes setting of Access Levels. The changes to the user interface are minimal and old setup and calibration files are still compatible with this version.


The new EASY4 software has the following new features:

Advanced Probe Response Linearization:

EASY4 v4.6 provides advanced probe response linearization as required by the latest standards (e. g. IEEE-1528b and the upcoming IEC 62209-1/2). Together with this SPEAG offers probe calibration for different modulations that enables precise measurements also for high field strengths with large peak-to-average ratios, i.e., considerably increasing the dynamic range by improved accuracy. This also covers generic MRI pulse sequences for MRI compliance testing (see ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service page).

Access Levels:

Access levels are provided to guarantee calibration parameters are not unintentionally changed.

Current EASY4 customers can contact for a username and password to download the new release here.


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