May 8, 2014

DASY52.8.8 and SEMCAD X V14.6.10 Software Release

NEW RELEASE => DASY52.8.8 (1222) and SEMCAD-X V14.6.10 (7331)

The new DASY 52.8.8 release is now online, ready to download and use. The update includes many small but important improvements and also provides a solution to determine and limit the effect of sagging of the flat phantoms during psSAR determinations. The proposed procedure is described in Section  7.2.1, and guidance on how to determine the uncertainty is given in Chapter 19.

Further Updates

The the main features and corrections included in this release are:

* robotic optimization for improved 3D scan measurement speeds, with time reductions of up to 20%  
* optimized robotic commands for controlling "Move to Measured/Interpolated Max" 
* enhanced Area Scan evaluation, including d_sagg for ELI phantoms (see Section 7.2.1 and Chapter 19)
* corrected extrapolation of measured values within a Z-Scan job
* unified evaluation and feature settings for SAR 2D and 3D jobs, including Area Scan, Zoom Scan, and Volume Scan
* various improvements and bug fixes for the Summary Generator
* power scaling added to the Distance Tool
* synchronization of warnings between DASY and SEMCAD-X 
* updated numerical dipole targets for newly released 600 MHz dipole as well as new calibration frequencies for D5GHz dipole (see Chapter 15)
* updated phantom uncertainty and DASY uncertainty budget tables (see Chapter 19)
The new DASY52 software is now available for download
User name and password are the same as for the latest DASY 52.8 release.
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