Apr 10, 2014

DAKS – Dielectric Measurements Made Easier

DAKS – Dielectric Measurements Made Easier

SPEAG is delighted to announce the release of an improved version of the Dielectric Assessment Kit System (DAKS). With a longer probe and a dedicated trigger button, the new DAKS makes dielectric measurements easier than ever.

In response to valuable feedback from our customers, we have incorporated improvements to the recently launched Dielectric Assessment Kit System (DAKS). The probe is still connected directly to the reflectometer to provide a portable dielectric measurement system that can be brought to the material under test, but the probe is now longer to allow immersion depths of up to 150 mm. The trigger button is mounted directly on the reflectometer’s body to greatly simplify the measurement process. Thanks to the 5 m long USB cable, the DAKS can be used practically anywhere in the lab: measurements are made simply by pressing the trigger button – no need to touch the keyboard. The new DAKS is especially recommended for use in specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance laboratories, to facilitate routine one-handed measurement of tissue simulating liquids directly inside the phantom.


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