Oct 26, 2015

DAKS-12, SPEAG’s New Portable DAK System for Lower Frequencies

DAKS-12, SPEAG’s New Portable DAK System for Lower Frequencies

The DAKS portable system for dielectric assessment greatly simplifies dielectric measurements for unwieldy materials, especially, e.g., in field studies. The DAKS-3.5 – SPEAG’s DAK-3.5 probe in combination with a handheld CopperMountain R140 vector network analyzer (VNA) – has been a huge success. Today, SPEAG announces the release of our new DAKS system designed for use in the lower frequency range, the DAKS-12: SPEAG’s DAK-12 probe technology combined with a handheld single-port ShockLine MS46121A VNA from Anritsu. As with the DAKS-3.5, the rigid connection between the single-port VNA and the probe allows the system, after calibration, to be moved to the material under test. The frequency range – 10 MHz – 3 GHz – covers many important applications, e.g., MRI, hyperthermia, on-site analysis of drilling-core samples for crude oil exploration, etc.

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