Dec 22, 2011

DAK Release

Release: DAK (Dielectric Assessment Kit)

We have successfully launched our new product line, DAK.  The first deliveries to customers began in December. Customer interest has been very strong. In the coming months, we will be expanding the DAK product line to cover new frequency ranges and applications.  Please watch our website for more exciting developments.

This precision dielectric measurement system is designed for applications in the 10 MHz to 50 GHz frequency range. The first probes are based on the open-ended coaxial probe technique and use advanced algorithms and novel hardware to measure liquids, solids and semi-solids over a broad range of dielectric parameters. The measurement method is fast and non-destructive to the material under test.


Our coaxial probes are optimized for use over a broad range of frequencies and dielectric parameters.


DAK is ideal for many applications where high-precision dielectric measurements are required, including applications in the electronic, chemical, food and medical industries (e.g., human tissues).

Our hardware components are designed for robust operation in different environments. DAK probe designs enable good contact with solids, liquids and gels. The shorting block has excellent repeatability for high quality calibration. DAK interfaces with the most popular vector network analyzers on the market.


View several measurements in several formats: Smith chart, linear charts, Cole-Cole display and tabular.


The software uses advanced algorithms for fast, high-precision measurements. It allows you to view your choice of dielectric parameters (ε', ε", σ, tanδ) in a variety of data formats (linear and logarithmic charts, Smith chart, Cole-Cole plot and tabular). Our robust data analysis suite enables you to fit data to analytical curves, compare data with target parameters, and view tolerance and uncertainty ranges. Control of equipment and data analysis can be powerfully extended with our built-in Python interface. Data can also be imported from several formats and exported for use with DASY52 and SEMCAD X.

Calibration is performed according to SPEAG's high-quality standards. Dielectric probe calibration is included within the scope of our  ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and warrants measurements with small and known tolerances.

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