Aug 5, 2016

cSARD6 – Taking SAR Measurements to the Next Level

cSARD6 – Taking SAR Measurements to the Next Level

SPEAG is pleased to announce the release of cSARD6 in Q4 2016, the smart SAR testing solution. cSARD6 integrates cSAR3D with DASY6 and adds new features to create a fully automated and powerful SAR compliance system. This is the most advanced SAR measurement system available today, combining speed and versatility, while maintaining full SAR testing capabilities and compatibility to any of the worldwide standards.

cSARD6 is the most complete and automated SAR test system on the market

SAR compliance testing workflow:

  • automated or manually-guided generation of the testing project via the integrated Expert System. Test configurations are added according to up-to-date rules from national regulations and international standards. Conducted power measurements may be imported to reduce the number of required tests.
  • precise robot positioning of the device on the cSAR3D phantoms in each test position. The DASY6 robot is used with a device positioner arm extension that is connected automatically.
  • automatic call handling with our robust base station simulator interface.
  • fast testing of devices with dynamic antenna tuning via wireless link.
  • docking of the device for recharging at anytime the power drift is more than 0.5dB or as specified by the user.
  • determination of the tests to be performed on DASY6 using fast SAR protocols in international standards. Creation of the corresponding testing files after all cSAR3D tests are completed.
  • completion of DASY6 measurements after exchange of the device positioner with the probe holder on the robot.
  • generation of a combined report by the cSARD6 system that can be used for documentation or submission to the regulator.

DASY6 is the latest generation of the industry-leading dosimetric and near-field evaluation system and is fully compliant with all international standards and national regulations for SAR measurements. The cDASY6 software includes powerful new features resulting in significant time savings for routine SAR compliance testing. By combining robot-optimized movements, intelligent scanning, and smart utilization of standardized test reduction techniques, faster SAR testing is achieved without sacrificing accuracy. cDASY6 is also versatile by offering various specialized phantoms incorporating testing of wearable devices. The system is also compatible with the versatile DASY52 software. In the near future (Q1 2017) the system will also be compatible with the currently developed G5 extension that extents the frequency range up to >86 GHz.

cSAR3D is the most advanced vector array system available for conducting fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices. cSAR3D system is equipped with superior, powerful and reliable vector array technology including highly advanced 3D reconstruction algorithms. The system is compliant with the latest draft of IEC 62209-3 and with all fast SAR protocols (e.g., IEC 62209-2 and IEEE 1528). SPEAG is working closely with regulators to achieve early regulatory acceptance. Four phantom geometries are available: cSAR3D Left Head and Right Head, cSAR3D Flat (Head or Body medium), and the cSAR3D Quad for testing large devices, such as laptops and base station antennas.

cSARD6 provides several benefits:

  • Reduces time-to-market for wireless device manufacturers
  • Increases productivity of test labs
  • Features the automated generation of test plans according to national regulations and international standards
  • Provides unbeatable measurement repeatability using automated positioning of the wireless device on all cSAR3D phantoms
  • Features best-in-class automation of SAR testing using our base station simulator interface, dynamic antenna tuning solution, and report generator
  • Reduces SAR testing time while maintaining accuracy
  • Provides peace of mind for testing laboratories, with high-quality calibration of the entire system at SPEAG’s ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration labs


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