Jul 14, 2014

cSAR3D V1-2 Release

cSAR3D V1-2 Release

SPEAG is pleased to announce the release of cSAR3D software version 1.2.  New features include improved 3D extrapolation, continuous measurement mode, 2D plotting of peak spatial-averaged SAR data, view of peak 1-gram and 10-gram cube locations, and enhanced visualization of the measurement configurations through the graphical user interface.

The first deliveries of cSAR3D began in March 2014, and we are now in full production with expected deliveries of two to four units per month. In July 2014, the first cSAR3D Head units will be delivered. We expect to have completed processing our current order backlog by October.













cSAR3D is our newest and most advanced system for fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices. The system uses a mixed sensor technology and novel full 3D reconstruction algorithms of the field inside the phantom. As measurements are conducted very close to the phantom surface with the most precise sensors available, the system provides high absolute accuracy. The software is designed to fully automate the certification process for wireless devices.

Four phantom geometries are available: left and right sides of the SAM head phantom (HSL) and the flat phantom (HSL or MSL) in Standard and Quad sizes. 

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