Dec 14, 2021

Always in High Demand: More Than 400 cSAR3D Systems Delivered Worldwide

cSAR3D is SPEAG’s real-time vector measurement-based system for specific absorption rate (SAR) evaluations fully compliant with IEC 62209-3. The product is a culmination of Swiss ingenuity, decades of R&D, and close collaboration with regulators and industry from around the world.

Today, we are celebrating a major milestone: more than 400 cSAR3D units have been shipped to a wide range of customers, including wireless device manufacturers, regulatory agencies, certification laboratories, and research labs.

cSAR3D has become a trusted instrument for fast SAR evaluation for many companies and organizations around the globe. With cSAR3D, SAR testing is faster (< 0.3 s) and easier than ever, enabling quicker entry of new wireless products in a highly competitive market. As such, the system is used as an R&D tool and in multiple applications, such as market surveillance, production-line quality assurance, time-averaged SAR evaluations, and pre-screening for regulatory compliance.

Note that for all our cSAR3D customers, the latest maintenance release of the cSAR3D software V5.0.6 is available at our website as of today!

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