Confined Loop Antenna (CLA) 30 MHz - 220 MHz

Confined Loop Antenna (CLA) 30 MHz - 220 MHz

SPEAG would like to announce the release of a new product, the confined loop antenna (CLA), for system checking at frequencies below 300 MHz. The CLA series, derived from the the dipole antenna concept, have been thoroughly tested and validated, and have been calibrated in tissue simulating media for 1 g and 10 g average SAR per watt of input power. 

The CLA, which is compliant with the latest draft of the IEC 62209-2 standard, is a resonant loop antenna integrated into a metallic structure that minimizes reflections of the environment on the resonant structure. Each antenna is optimized for return losses at resonant frequencies of at least 10 dB and typically better than 15 dB. The variance in performance among individual CLAs of the same type is in the same range as that of classical dipole antennas for use above 300 MHz.  

The following validation systems are currently available: CLA-30, CLA-64, CLA-128, CLA-150, and CLA-220. Custom-made systems can be developed on special request. Also available is a tripod adapter designed as an accessory for easy positioning of the CLA under ELI phantoms.

For detailed specifications see the product page.

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