May 10, 2017

5G Module Beta Release

V1-0Beta enables power density compliance testing as close as 2 mm from any surface with minimal uncertainty.

SPEAG has just released the Beta-version (V1-0Beta) of the 5G Module, paving the way for reliable power density compliance testing for industry, test labs, and regulators. This Beta version is now distributed to the first customers for in-depth evaluation. The module supports the entire workflow for transmitter evaluations above 28 GHz with the novel EUmmWV2 probe that permits precise very close near-field measurements for frequencies up to 110 GHz at distances as close as 2 mm from the transmitter.

Based on the frequency, modulation, evaluation distance, spatial location, and extent of the transmitter array, the software automatically determines the optimal measurement grid and the separation of the two planes to minimize the total evaluation time. Following these precise pseudo-vector measurements, the module determines all field components from the pseudo-vector electric (E-) fields by means of IT’IS’s novel total field reconstruction algorithm and displays the E-field and magnetic (H-) field strengths and the power density (S) on the lower measurement plane. The maximum averaged power density is also computed for a user-defined averaging area.

Example measurement result of a laptop at 62 GHz

The new 5G module is very user-friendly, offering incredible performance in terms of power density evaluations with minimal uncertainty. The first version, including the integration of verification devices and full validation documentation, will be released before mid June.

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