Nov 16, 2018

SPEAG Wins Award at Huawei Supplier Convention

Mike Summerfield, SPEAG's Global Head of Sales, attended Huawei's Apparatus, Equipment & Office Supplies Procurement Qualification Department convention on November 6, 2018 in Shenzhen, CN. Representatives of Huawei’s supply chain management made presentations describing all aspects Huawei's approach to good relationships with top suppliers. The audience was made up of about 30 to 40 of Huawei's more than 10,000 suppliers mainly from North America, Europe, and China.

Each supplier was scored on a number of performance factors, such as on-time delivery, pricing, quality, and support, and awards were presented accordingly. SPEAG won an award for placing in the top 11 for delivery of excellent quality products.


From left to right: Iris Hsu of Auden, Wendy Fang, Jacky Zhou, and Leo Lyu of Huawei, Mike Summerfield accepting the award for SPEAG, and Selena Hsu of Auden, with a close-up of the award plaque shown on the right.