Jan 23, 2019

Zurich43 Retreat 2019 on Ethics & Z43 Culture

This year's Zurich43 annual retreat was held from 21 –22 January 2019 at Hotel Belvédère in Spiez, in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. Under the special guidance of Prof. Hans Ruh, one of Switzerland's leading social ethicists, over 30 Z43 associates came together to step out of their comfort zones and discuss "Ethics & Z43 Culture in Real or Perceived Devaluing Times".

As per usual practice, a variety of books were presented and discussed, ranging from "century books" such as John Rawls's "Theory of Justice" to some lighter literature dealing with the transformation of American and European politics, the divergence between headlines and statistical fallacies, and visions of the future as new challenges arise.

In line with the spirit of previous retreats, book discussions were followed by breakout sessions where participants reviewed ethics, recognition, and fairness from a universal standpoint as well as from a Z43 perspective. The collected results of these sessions were then used as a basis for formulating the cornerstones of business ethics at Z43, to be translated into a general guidebook.

A very special thanks to Prof. Hans Ruh for his profound insights, patience, and continuous guidance on this challenging topic throughout the retreat!

Z43 Retreat Spiez 2019

Participants of the Zurich43 Retreat 2019 at Hotel Belvédère in Spiez.