Oct 23, 2015

Successful SPEAG / ZMT Hardware and Software Workshop in Korea

Successful SPEAG / ZMT Hardware and Software Workshop in Korea

ZMT Zurich MedTech AG and SPEAG, represented by Niels Kuster, Lars Bomholt, Nik Chavennes, Sven Kühn, Mark Douglas, and Habib Bousleiman, hosted the annual Hardware and Software Workshop at the Korea Institute of Design Promotion in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea on October 23, 2015. Dymstec, SPEAG’s distribution partner in Korea, did a magnificent job as usual as the local organizers of this popular event. Approximately 200 participants attended this year's workshop for the chance to preview ZMT’s and SPEAG’s latest innovations and product updates and to learn about the roadmap for future technological advances in 2015 and beyond. The workshop featured two parallel sessions, with one targeting solutions for the mobile phone and telecommunication industry, and the other for the medical and life sciences industries. The first session featured novel advances in SEMCAD X Matterhorn for RF devices, trends in international standards, and the latest hardware solutions. With SEMCAD X Matterhorn, attendees were particularly interested in the latest technological developments in wireless power transfer, 5G, and wireless body area networks (WBAN). Advances in the speed and accuracy of SAR testing using DASY6 and cSAR3D were presented, as well as hardware solutions for EMI measurement (ICEy), material parameter testing (DAK), and over-the-air testing. The second session for the medical and life sciences industries focused on the latest release of Sim4life V2.0. For the first time, the Visible Korean, soon to become the next VIP model, was introduced by Prof. M. S. Chung and B. S. Chung in their guest presentation, “Applications of the Sectioned Images of Cadavers: Korean’s Visible Korean.” The workshop included additional excellent presentations by guest speakers. The event closed with a raffle followed by a dinner party.

SPEAG, ZMT, and Dymstec teams at the end of the workshop. Prof. Kuster and President Song (middle front) were very satisfied with the course and outcomes of the workshop. 

The workshop attracted many participants interested in SPEAG and ZMT products. 

SPEAG and ZMT presented their latest products. 

President Song from Dymstec.

A raffle with attractive prizes has become a traditional and popular finale of the workshops. 




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