Nov 12, 2015

National Future Day 2015 – Wireless Power Transfer with the Kids “Wonderful and Powerful Team”

Wireless Power Transfer with the Kids "Wonderful and Powerful Team" – 2015 National Future Day

Thursday, November 12 was 2015 Future Day at Z43, and six engaged and curious youngsters spent the day visiting our team at IT’IS, SPEAG, and ZMT laboratories.

David, Elie, Ezgi, Helene, Maja, and Shalini had the opportunity to experience first hand some of the kinds of work we do at our facilities and to really participate in applied research. A trendy topic in engineering is the concept of wireless power transfer (WPT), and our kids Wonderful and Powerful Team learned from our researchers how our companies contribute to the safety of this new technology. The youngsters displayed their talents with a fascinating and propitious project for the design of their own WPT station for music reproduction. To build the WPT station, they painstakingly and precisely soldered their own circuit boards in the electronics lab.

The day was a great success, and our young researchers were so proud and happy at the end of the day that they spent their final minutes expressing their gratitude and their artistic sides by making gifts for our engineers – replicas of our company logos made from wires!

















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