Jan 23, 2017

EMPIR-Funded Project: Metrology for Inductive Charging of Electric Vehicles

The EMPIR-funded project “Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles” has been officially approved! The project will start in September 2017 with funding for 36 months.

SPEAG is a collaborator in the research consortium, made up of 13 partners from federal and academic research institutions as well as SMEs in Italy, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The aim of the joint research project, headed by Dr. Mauro Zucca of Italy’s Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRiM), is to develop the metrology approaches and facilities necessary for accurate measurement of the efficiency of inductive power transfer (IPT) for charging electric vehicles, and to demonstrate that IPT complies with existing safety standards for human exposure. SPEAG’s contribution will include support for the design and construction of a new calibration facility for magnetic field probes used to measure fields of 0 – 100 µT over frequencies of 10 – 150 kHz.

The European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR), the main program for European research on metrology, supports projects with a focus on innovation activities to target the needs of industry and accelerate the development of research outputs. The research activities funded are intended for countries with established metrology systems to support further development of capabilities in countries with emerging metrology infrastructures.

For more information on the MICEV project, please visit the IT'IS website.

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