Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 1, 2022

SPEAG Exhibitions & Events 2022

SPEAG will be exhibiting at the following conferences and exhibitions this year. If you would like to arrange a demo or meeting, or are interested in attending a technical workshop, please send an email to:

European Microwave Week 2022 London, UK 4 - 6 April
Exhibition at MTTS-IMS 2022 Denver, USA 19 - 24 June

Public workshops will be held in the Korea, Taiwan and China. Please contact local representatives or for more detailed information.

Workshop in Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan July
Workshop in China Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, China July
Workshop in Korea Seoul, Korea October

In addition, our sister company ZMT Zurich MedTech AG will participate in the following conferences and exhibitions presenting Sim4Life and validation hardware solutions for medical devices. For further details, please check ZMT events page.

North American Neuromodulation Society 25th Annual Meeting Orlando, USA 13 - 14 January
Exhibition and Workshop at Annual Meeting ISMRM 2022 London, UK 7 - 12 May
15th World Congress of the International Society of Neuromodulation Barcelona, Spain 21 - 25 May
Swiss MedTech Day Bern, Switzerland 14 June
International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology Geneva, Switzerland 4 - 8 September
ISMRM Workshop on MR Safety: From Physics & physiology to Policies & Practice New York City, USA 21 - 23 October
Exhibition and Workshop at Society of Neuroscience 2022 Annual Meeting San Diego, USA 12 - 16 November