SHO- and SHO3TO10-V3RW-C/LW-C 

SHO Version 3 Right/Left hand for Ultra Wide phones CTIA

Anthropomorphic hand phantoms for evaluating and optimizing the OTA performance of ultra wide mobile phone devices


Assessment of radiation pattern or total radiated power of ultra wide mobile phone devices with widths 72 – 92mm in talk mode and in data mode (hand-only testing)

Assessment of radiation pattern of wrist and body-worn antennas in combination with the forearm phantom or the whole-body phantom POPEYE10


Fully compliant with CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance" for all defined test frequencies in the 0.3 – 6 GHz range


0.45 Kg (without spacer)


Hand phantoms:

size and grip according to CTIA definitions for ultra wide mobile phones; manufactured from a silicone-carbon-based mixture (color:Black) with material properties according to CTIA definitions for hand phantoms


V3 positioning spacers:

hollow with a thin shell of less than 2 mm thickness made of low-loss plastic (dielectric constant < 5.0, loss-tangent < 0.05)

Frequency Range

SHO-V3RW-C/LW-C:                0.3 – 3 GHz
SHO3TO10-V3RW-C/LW-C:       3 – 10 GHz


Compatible with SAM-V4.5BS and head phantom using talk-mode fixture SHO-FTMV2

Compatible with the hand-only (data mode) testing fixture SHO-FX-V5 together with the corresponding data wrists SHO-RWC/LWC-DWV4

Compatible with the wrist interface on POPEYE10 whole-body phantom

Compatible with the wrist interface on the forearm phantom SHO-RFP/LFP-V2

Compatible with the mounting equipment for the DASY device positioner SHO-ME


SHO-RW-C/LW-C SV3 positioning spacers 

SHO-FTMV2 talk mode fixture

SHO-FX-V5 data mode fixture

SHO-RWC/LWC-DWV4 data mode wrists

SHO-ME mounting equipment

SHO-PG-V1 press guard