Millimeter-wave pseudo-vector power density probes

OH4VNA - Optical Head for Vector Network Analyzers

What is OH4VNA?

OH4VNA is a bi-directional radiofrequency (RF-) over-fiber link that offers the most reliable means to measure the S11 of electrically small antennas in the 500 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range. Previously, in mobile, body-worn, or implanted devices, the exact measurement of the antenna performance was often seriously hindered due to the presence of RF cables connected to the antenna, which change the electrical size of the device and, thus, also the impedance of the antenna to be measured. With OH4VNA, we present a new system, one that is based on our proven time-domain sensor (TDS) technology, in which the RF cable to the antenna port is replaced by a non-disturbing fiber-optic system that requires no external or battery power. This is a major breakthrough, as this system is transparent to the RF electromagnetic (EM) fields created by the antenna and, therefore, allows the device to be characterized under fully isolated conditions.

OH4VNA System

The OH4VNA system is optimized for precision S11-parameter measurements of electrically small antennas. OH4VNA is compatible with:

  • Most modern vector network analyzers
  • SIM4Life (data import and export)
  • Most 3rd party microwave circuit design tools (data import and export)