SPEAG offers a fast, reliable, and cost-effective workflow for the development and manufacturing of customized electromagnetic (EM) phantoms that provide representative and repeatable testing for any wireless device. We use a variety of high-precision production techniques and a wide range of tissue simulating solids, semi-solids, gels, and liquids to build our phantoms to cover the entire wireless frequency range from <10 MHz to >100 GHz.

Layered Multi-Tissue Chest Phantom

Layered chest phantom (skin, fat, and muscle tissues) for accurate evaluation and quality assurance of an implantable medical device with a radiofrequency (RF) link

Detailed specifications: Layered Multi-Tissue Chest Phantom

Customized Hands

Device-specific anthropomorphic hand phantoms with customized grips for over-the-air (OTA) evaluation of user-specified hand-held wireless devices

Detailed specifications: Customized Hands

Customized Body

Anatomical or generic body parts, such as fingers, ears, eyes, and faces with user-specified features, for OTA evaluation of body-worn or wearable wireless devices

Detailed specifications: Customized Body

Generic Phantoms

Complex and simple generic phantoms, e.g. lossy blocks and spheres

Detailed specifications: Customized Generic Phantoms


Shell Phantoms

Application-specific whole or partial-body shell phantoms filled with tissue simulating media with user defined features; examples include child, animal, obese, and pregnant bodies

Detailed specifications: Customized Shell Phantoms

Layered Multi-Tissue Dog Neck Phantom

Layered dog-neck phantom (skin, fat, and bone tissues) for accurate evaluation and quality assurance of a remote health monitoring device worn on the dog collar

Detailed specifications: Layered Multi-Tissue Dog Neck Phantom

Layered Multi-Tissue Planar Phantom (Skull Tissues)

Layered skull phantom (skin, fat, bone, and brain tissues) for accurate evaluation and quality assurance of skull implanted devices

Detailed specifications: Layered Multi-Tissue Skull Phantom

Lossy Block Phantom for Production Testing of Implant Devices

Mimicking the EM load of a human body on the implanted device for fast and accurate production testing of the device RF properties

Detailed Specifications: Lossy Block Phantom for Implant Devices

BLAP- and mmW-BLAP-V1

Rectangular shaped generic lap phantom for laptops, tablet computers, and wireless keyboards     

Detailed Specifications: BLAP-V1

toros mri210


Homogeneous anthropomorphic torso phantom filled with MRI body media simulating the RF load of humans

Detailed specifications: TORSO-MRI-V5.1

SHO Right/Left Forearm Phantom V2

Generic forearm phantom used in combination with the anthropomorphic hand phantom for evaluating and optimizing the OTA performance of smartwatches and other wireless wrist-worn devices

Detailed specifications: SHO-RFP/LFP-V2

SAM Head Phantom V4.5

Homogeneous anthropomorphic head phantom (shell only) for evaluating the OTA performance of mobile phone devices

Detailed specifications: SAM-V4.5

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