T1V3 / T1V3LAB - Temp-Probe

T1V3 / T1V3LAB
Temperature Probe for Dosimetric and General Measurements

Sensor with NTC and resistive wires (4-wire system)
Built-in shielding against static charges
ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available
Temperature Range 0 – 60°C
Accuracy (T)   
±0.2°C absolute (depending on calibration)
Resolution: 1 mK
Measurement noise: ±2 mK (0.1 s sampling time)
Accuracy (dT/dt)   
Measurement noise: ±0.1 mK/s (with 10 s evaluation period)
Sensitivity (SAR) 1 mW/g in head tissue solutions
Response Time   
<1 s
E-Field Interference E-field along probe axis: 0.6 mK/s with 1000 V/m over 50 mm
E-field normal to probe axis: no measurable effect
Dimensions Length of T1V3: 332 mm (all rigid for robot positioning)
Length of T1V3LAB: rigid enclosure with a flexible lead of >200mm (other length on special request)
Tip diameter: 1 mm (body: 12 mm)
Distance from probe tip to NTC: 1 mm
Application General temperature and temperature rise measurements
Dosimetry at higher power levels in small volumes
Temperature transfer calibration of SAR probes
Very low interaction with the measured field
T1V3 can be accurately positioned with robot (±0.1 mm)
T1V3LAB has a flexible lead for fixed positioning in complex setups
Data Acquisition Systems DAE4
Options PE300: 300 mm probe length extender
SPC: snap probe connector for probe quick connect
Compatibility DASY3, DASY4, DASY52 SAR and higher, EASY6, EASY4/MRI