TDS Software

TDS Software

Remote Interface


The TDS Remote Unit features a powerful remote interface to control data acquisition with a TDS system or preset scan parameters for later manual usage. The USB interface both controls communication with the remote unit and supplies the power. The command set of the TDS Remote Unit is fully compatible with the SCPI and VISA standards, to allow easy integration of our TDS systems in your existing Measurement&Test Automation software.

For more information on the TDS remote interface, please refer to the:

TDS Professional Handbook

TDS Acquisition Software

coming: Winter 2014

Every TDS Remote Unit and every TDS sensor ID contains a firmware, to control the TDS system and various calibration parameters. As the firmware is critical for LASER safety, firmware upgrades can only be performed by SPEAG (Zurich, Switzerland).

The firmware continuously monitors its consistency. Should a corruption be detected, the TDS Remote Unit will enter a fail-safe mode from which it cannot be reactivated by the user. In this event please contact: