TDS SNI System

Download Product Flyer (PDF, 1500 KB)

The TDS SNI system is optimized for near-field EMC/EMI/ESD sniffing with SPEAG's novel time-domain sensor technology, including:

  • Measurements in EM-harsh environments
  • EMC/EMI/ESD near-field quantitative measurements
  • EMC/EMI/ESD pre-compliance tests
  • Measurement of the full complex-valued vector field in the very close near-field of radiators
  • In situ base station compliance measurements

A typical TDS SNI system configuration consists of a remote unit and one or more TDS SNI sniffer probes.

Remote Unit SPEAG TDS Standalone Remote Unit
Probes All SPEAG TDS SNI probes.

The following accessories are included in the standard package:

  • 3.5 mm RF coaxial cable (length 0.6 m)
  • ClickCleaner (optical connector cleaner)
  • USB cable
  • USB power supply
  • TDS Professional Handbook
Frequency Range 10 MHz – 10 GHz
Calibration Calibration is performed in SPEAG's ISO17025-certified calibration laboratory.