TDS RFoverFiber

TDS RFoverFiber

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RFoF1P is a 1-port RF-over-fiber link based on our active photonic TDS probe technology. It is a miniature electrically fully isolated RF-over-fiber transducer operating in the 100 kHz – 10 GHz frequency range. It is an excellent solution for applications where traditional coaxial measurement cables and other galvanic connections to the DUT are not possible or not desirable. An RFoF1P system consists of a miniaturized electro-optical media converter (SMA to optical fiber) and a standard TDS remote unit (optical fiber to 3.5 mm). The miniature media converter employs power over fiber, i.e., does not require external or battery power and can be customized and miniaturized further for OEM applications.

Remote Unit SPEAG 1RU1TDS Standalone
Transducers SPEAG RFoF1P

The following accessories are included in the standard package:

  • ClickCleaner (optical connector cleaner)
  • RFoF1P Professional Handbook

Additional items included with a TDS Standalone Remote Unit:

  • 3.5 mm RF coaxial cable (length 0.6 m)
  • USB cable
  • USB power supply
Frequency Range 100 kHz – 10 GHz
Calibration Calibration is performed to SPEAG's high standards.